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Why Portland Violence will Never Change Anything

This is a forum where we invite the libertarian community of Multnomah County to provide analysis on the current events of our county. These opinions do not represent any official position by the association of individuals at Multnomah Libertarians.   Why Portland Violence will Never Change Anything - Tom Busse, a contribution for the Multnomah Libertarians News Op/Ed page.  In the 1997 film,  Wag the Dog ¸  a top political spin-doctor makes the following statement: It’s nothing new. During Reagan’s Administration 240 marines killed in Beirut, 24 hours we invade Grenada, That was their MO: Change the story, change the Lead, it’s not a new concept. And on Sunday, as Americans were reflecting on 20 years of aggressive war in Afghanistan and the Biden administration was coming under fire for the withdraw, we suddenly find new headlines, “ Shooting erupts and Antifa and Proud Boys clash violently in Portland. ” This shifted real and substantive policy discussions away from the real world t

Multnomah County libertarian movement to form a Libertarian Party Affiliate

  For immediate release  August 22, 2021  Contacts: Bradford Franks - Executive Chair, Multnomah Libertarians -   Peter Panarchy, Libertarian Party Mises Caucus Oregon State Organizer - press   Multnomah County libertarian movement to form a Libertarian Party Affiliate    Portland, OR - Multnomah County libertarians announce intention to stand up a Libertarian Party Affiliate amid pandemic lockdowns and as escalating county mismanagement threatens human flourishing.  “Having gained 5,726 votes for Jo Jorgenson, and 6,776 votes for Senate candidate Gary Dye in 2020 is cute but we can do a lot better if we started communicating clearly and effectively with the people of the Portland metro area, and Multnomah County as representatives of the Libertarian Party of Multnomah County” says Iraq War veteran and entertainer Bradford Franks, Executive Chair of the Multnomah Libertarians working group.  “We’ve been doing outreach to local