Multnomah County libertarian movement to form a Libertarian Party Affiliate

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August 22, 2021 


Bradford Franks - Executive Chair, Multnomah Libertarians - 

Peter Panarchy, Libertarian Party Mises Caucus Oregon State Organizer - 

Multnomah County libertarian movement to form a Libertarian Party Affiliate 


Portland, OR - Multnomah County libertarians announce intention to stand up a Libertarian Party Affiliate amid pandemic lockdowns and as escalating county mismanagement threatens human flourishing. 

“Having gained 5,726 votes for Jo Jorgenson, and 6,776 votes for Senate candidate Gary Dye in 2020 is cute but we can do a lot better if we started communicating clearly and effectively with the people of the Portland metro area, and Multnomah County as representatives of the Libertarian Party of Multnomah County” says Iraq War veteran and entertainer Bradford Franks, Executive Chair of the Multnomah Libertarians working group. 

“We’ve been doing outreach to local groups on lockdowns and vaccines passports” reports Peter Panarchy, a leader of the Oregon chapter of the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus, “Our voice and message will have a home in policy and the political discourse in Multnomah County, and we know we can get national attention given the culture warzone that Portland holds in the minds of the worst people in American politics.” 

“We are going to run candidates for mayor of Portland, school board and we will issue voter guides, we will propose resolutions, and advocate for the abolishment of any and all infringement on individual liberty by the cult of the omnipotent state, whose members are well represented in Multnomah County - in all of its city councils, government bureaus, and county offices” says Panarchy, “We’re going to be the voice of a critical mass of libertarians in the county.”

The first step entails reaching out to the 4,000 libertarian party voters in the county to form the group of twenty to have an official Libertarian Party of Oregon county affiliate. They have created a website where they will announce events, candidates, guides, and ways to join the movement for liberty in Multnomah County at 

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