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Multnomah Libertarians Minutes: December 3, 2022

Multnomah Libertarians Minutes: December 3, 2022 2:00 PM Dick's Primal Burger, Woodstock Portland OR In Attendance: R. Rushford S. Newman, M. Straus, A. Kallen, H. Schultz, M. Bird, L. Palmer, P. Serrato  and one other  Quorum of 16 not reached. Mr. Schultz bought CDs and world’s smallest quizlets. Newcomer introduced herself. Acting Chair’s Update Chair discussed affiliation with the LPO is set; we need to communicate the change to Oregon Secretary of State  Chair discussed that we are a Political Party PAC now; does the body agree to abide by the Bylaws?  By acclamation the body agreed to operate under the Multnomah Bylaws  Chair discussed how to help in Multnomah Libertarians - we will have leadership for Chair  Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer  Public Policy Officer What is required:  be responsive on email within 5 business days Chair discussed Critical roles to fill to operate as a PAC: New Treasurer need Acting chair fielded questions and concerns about the vacancy  M. Bird n

Multnomah Libertarians at Central Catholic High

Annie Kallen and Richard Burke represented the Libertarian Party of Oregon at the annual "Democracy in Action" event hosted by Central Catholic High School in Portland Oregon. At this event, various public officials, political parties, and political organizations set up displays while students arrive and ask questions. At this year's event, the Libertarian Party's table was one of the most popular with crowds asking questions and listening to answers throughout the event. Over the last ten years, the Libertarian Party of Oregon has been a fixture of this event. To help demonstrate what is unique about the Libertarian Party of Oregon, we employed the well known quiz along with the nolan chart as is available from the Advocates for Self Government. In the attached photo, Richard and Annie are shown second and third from the left.

Meetups for Multnomah Libertarians and Farewell Tom Busse

  🍔 Saturday, December 3rd - 2pm Multnomah Libertarians Meet Up & Multnomah Libertarians PAC Business Meeting / Holiday Gathering Primal Burger - 4905 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97206 Business meeting agenda: Chair Report Affiliation with the LPO Adoption of bylaws to operate the PAC Call for Treasurer Candidates  2023 Plans Call for Elections on Chair & Treasurer for 2023 New Business 📣 Wed, Dec 7, 2022 700 PM - Organizing Conference, Topic Securing Your Community RSVP here . Purpose:   Get 16 registered Libertarians from Multnomah on a Zoom meeting to adopt the bylaws and form a Libertarian Party of Multnomah County affiliate. Read our

Tom Busse - Farewell

  Tom Busse, volunteer, and Multnomah Libertarians treasurer, has resigned from the Multnomah Libertarians last night. We are sorry to see you go Tom. Thank you for your many months of hard work for our organization, and best wishes in your future endeavors.