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September 2022 Events for Multnomah Libertarians

We did a lot in August!  We setup a PAC, fundraised, learned about home schooling, and as we head into September we want to make sure you in the know about our next in-person events: ✨ Upcoming Events 🍔 Saturday, September 3 - 2pm - Multnomah Libertarians Meet Up & Multnomah Libertarians PAC Update on Property Tax Ballot Argument Location Details & RSVP:   Facebook  |  Meetup Agenda: Review the Multnomah PAC argument against a property tax Increase [ Read the Draft Google Document of our proposed measure argument ] 🌮 Tuesday, September 20th - 5pm - Liberty on the Rocks - Multnomah Libertarians Taco Tuesday at the Matador on Williams. Location Details & RSVP:   Facebook  |  Meetup There is no agenda, only tacos & drinks!  📣 Fundraising update: With your generous donations we've setup the  Multnomah Libertarians Political Action Committee  to put our ideas, the libertarian position into voicing opposition to the worst things in the County: tax inc

Multnomah Libertarians Meeting Agenda for August 6

  Multnomah Libertarians Meeting Agenda for August 6 Main Program: Homeschooling: You can Do it in Oregon Go over the welcome sheet, ask for introductions from any first-timers, poll the crowd for registration status in case we can hold a convention, and reminder to SIGN IN on the sign in sheet. Acknowledge any special guests. Reports  3.1 Deliver Treasurer's report (money raised, funds spent, current balance, call for unreported in-kinds, E-payments, Merchandising) 3.2 Open forum (2 minute time limit) - Interim leadership roles (P. Serrato) - Ballot Arguments (T. Busse)                        

Homeschooling in Multnomah County - You Can Do It

Tomorrow at 2pm  Multnomah Libertarians are going to hear from two mothers in in our community who are doing the most libertarian thing anyone can do - homeschooling their kids.   RSVP and join us for the first in a series on Homeschooling in Multnomah County - event details and RSVP at the site of your choice - RSVPs are encouraged but absolutely voluntary:    FACEBOOK EVENT:   MEETUP EVENT: XbJkl/i The Libertarian National Committee recently had the following tweets: Libertarians must lead the way in demonstrating to their communities that there are viable alternatives. Homeschooling, co-ops, and private schooling options are out there and we should step up in our communities to help connect families to these options. and: Government schools are one of the few places many Americans will ever experience violence. How could anyone feel proud to s