September 2022 Events for Multnomah Libertarians

We did a lot in August! 

We setup a PAC, fundraised, learned about home schooling, and as we head into September we want to make sure you in the know about our next in-person events:

✨ Upcoming Events
  • 🍔 Saturday, September 3 - 2pm - Multnomah Libertarians Meet Up & Multnomah Libertarians PAC Update on Property Tax Ballot Argument
  • 🌮 Tuesday, September 20th - 5pm - Liberty on the Rocks - Multnomah Libertarians Taco Tuesday at the Matador on Williams.
    • Location Details & RSVP: Facebook | Meetup
    • There is no agenda, only tacos & drinks! 
📣 Fundraising update:
  • With your generous donations we've setup the Multnomah Libertarians Political Action Committee to put our ideas, the libertarian position into voicing opposition to the worst things in the County: tax increases & encroachment on property rights.  
  • We have raised $400 dollars for the Multnomah Libertarians Ballot Measure Argument Against a Property Tax Increase. [Read the Draft Google Document of our proposed measure argument]
  • There are many more awful policies on the ballot to increase taxes, reduce freedom, erode private property rights, and otherwise move Multnomah County in the wrong direction. 

Donate to our Political Action Committee to help us make the argument for freedom in Multnomah County in 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond! In the next few weeks we will be talking about a longer term strategy - for Libertarian Party of Multnomah County Affiliate Formation Strategy, and 2023 organization. Do you have questions, ideas, advice?  Please schedule 15 minutes with me so we can talk over the phone or zoom: -

Our friends and neighbors need to hear about the libertarian alternative, and they need to hear it from the Multnomah Libertarians.

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