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Multnomah Libertarians - news, notes & events

  We’re set to meet in a few hours, and then we will meet again on Tuesday night.  National Libertarians in News  🪑 Our Libertarian National Committee chair Angela McArdle on the Hill to talk about the Arizona LP candidate endorsing Blake Masters & the election 🗳️ There's a lot of boos and hisses about Gary Johnson endorsing the R in New Mexico and Marc Victor endorsing Blake Masters in Arizona but who remembers this blast from the past when Gary Johnson ran for senate in 2018 and Rand Paul endorsed him? 💰 Zach Weissmueller, at Reason Magazine, does a great video piece on lab leak theory, and the coordination of corporate media, government agencies to mislead, gaslight & crush dissent over the potential origins of the Covid pandemic. Libertarian Party of Oregon Resolutions  Latest P

Monthly Meetup & Election Night 2022 Watch Party and other events

We're going to meetup on Election Night. Details below: Wednesday, November 2nd - 7pm -  Multnomah Libertarians Business Meeting. Email for Zoom invite link. Agenda: Review bylaws and financial update. Saturday, November 5th - 2pm - Multnomah Libertarians Meet Up & Multnomah Libertarians PAC Election Recap at Primal Burger - Primal Burger - 4905 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97206 Tuesday , November 8th - 6pm -  Election Night Watch Party - Buffalo Wild Wings 327 SW Morrison St · Portland, OR Meetup details: