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We’re set to meet in a few hours, and then we will meet again on Tuesday night. 

National Libertarians in News 

  • 💰Zach Weissmueller, at Reason Magazine, does a great video piece on
    lab leak theory, and the coordination of corporate media, government agencies
    to mislead, gaslight & crush dissent over the potential origins of the Covid pandemic.

Libertarian Party of Oregon Resolutions 

Latest Public Policy Resolutions from the LP Oregon on opposition to the death
penalty in Oregon, the Oregon Medical Board, and the Oregon National Guard 

🎼 Culture & Education

I have gotten to know a few of our Multnomah Libertarians and quick observation:
we have more musicians and homeschooling teachers than any other libertarian group I
’ve been a part of in my two decades of having the correct political philosophy (). 

I would like to do more cultural events. In Los Angeles, we had a libertarian  film festival,
and film screened there was an early cut by Libertarian Party member, Los Angeles based film
maker Adam Choit of his short film THE EDITED about a dystopian world, where a misfit girl enters a
new high school where they teach that Big Brother was actually the hero of Orwell's 1984 novel was

It went to do a festival circuit release, and you can watch it here:

What kind of cultural activities can we support in Multnomah to foster more libertarian culture? 

On Culture & Counter Culture in Multnomah County 

I’ve noticed that what was a radical position (marriage without regard to sex/gender) is now a
fundamental starting point for all players in politics now. Decades ago, the Libertarian Party’s
first platform included a plank for gay marriage. The reasoning is explored in
Gay Rights: A Libertarian Approach by Ralph Raico in 1975! 

These positions were genuinely stunning & brave. They are now the cultural norm.  

A recent tweet from Multnomah Libertarians alludes to this courageous point of few.
Property rights, gun rights & freedom of speech are now where gay rights were in the 1970s:
suspect, feared, potentially a mental illness. 

Upcoming Events 

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