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Events for Multnomah Libertarians, and members in the Media

  Here is an update about upcoming events for Libertarians in Multnomah. Upcoming Events Saturday, October 29th - 8pm - Celebrate Halloween. Come with no costume or come in your favorite costume / mask (N95, monster, whatever) at Wichita Puff's Pub 22200 SE Stark St · Gresham, OR. See meetup for more details: I also have about 50 clown noses which pair with appropriately clownish signs (NEO-CONSERVATIVES FOR HILLARY CLINTON 2016, BILL WELD 2020, FAUCI IS SCIENCE) for easy costumes. See for the details: libertarian-365/events/ 289215330/ Wednesday, November 2nd - 7pm -  Multnomah Libertarians Business Meeting. Email member@multnomahlibertarians. com for Zoom invite link Agenda: Review bylaws and financial update. I would like to officially affiliate the Multnomah PAC with the LP Oregon, so we can get data and IT support from the party. I would also like to add a mission statement about single issue coalitions & culture to our by

Multnomah Libertarians on Ballot Measures

  We polled our membership at our last in-person meeting, and while we did not cover every ballot measure, we covered what the body deemed as high priority  to evaluate: State Measure 111: Creates a Constitutional Requirement to Fund Healthcare “Balanced against requirement to fund schools” No Position Sate Measure 112: Eliminate Forced Labor as Criminal Punishment   No Position Initiative Measure 113: Punish Legislators for Session Boycott by making them  ineligible Oppose Multnomah County 26-231: Noncitizen Voting Rights No Position City of Portland 26-228: Changes Commission form of Government to City Manager Oppose  Measure 26-224 ($450,000,000 PCC bond) Oppose and read our ballot measure argument against it here .

October - News & Events for Multnomah Libertarians

  NEWS Multnomah Libertarians are mentioned in the Oregonian, in reference to our opposition to  Measure 26-224 ($450,000,000 PCC bond) The Multnomah Libertarians and Taxpayers Association of Oregon submitted arguments in opposition, arguing, among other things, that Portland Community College has seen a decline in enrollment and has “no medium-term need for expanded facilities.” The school has seen a 25% decline in enrollment since before the pandemic, following both state and national enrollment trends at community colleges, enrollment Dean Ryan Clark told The Oregonian/OregonLive. Full article here . Events for Multnomah Libertarians  I’ve just met with the security and blockchain professionals who will be leading our “Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto” webinar event that will kick off our organizing convention this Wednesday, October 19th at 7pm - and I am thoroughly impressed. Libertarians are often early to trends in technology, diet, & various social trends. In that spirit,