Events for Multnomah Libertarians, and members in the Media


Here is an update about upcoming events for Libertarians in Multnomah.
✨ Upcoming Events
  • 📣 Saturday, October 29th - 8pm - Celebrate Halloween. Come with no costume or come in your favorite costume / mask (N95, monster, whatever) at Wichita Puff's Pub 22200 SE Stark St · Gresham, OR. See meetup for more details: I also have about 50 clown noses which pair with appropriately clownish signs (NEO-CONSERVATIVES FOR HILLARY CLINTON 2016, BILL WELD 2020, FAUCI IS SCIENCE) for easy costumes. See for the details:
  • 📣 Wednesday, November 2nd - 7pm -  Multnomah Libertarians Business Meeting. Email for Zoom invite link Agenda: Review bylaws and financial update. I would like to officially affiliate the Multnomah PAC with the LP Oregon, so we can get data and IT support from the party. I would also like to add a mission statement about single issue coalitions & culture to our bylaws / constitution. Please see those here.
  • 🍔 Saturday, November 5 - 2pm - Multnomah Libertarians Meet Up & Multnomah Libertarians PAC Election Recap at Primal Burger - Primal Burger - 4905 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97206 See for the details: -
✨ Members in Media
  • Check out Annie Kallen on the Liberty Mindset Podcast - talking about STAR Voting - a system of voting we promote as a solution to the problems of winner take all systems of elections:
  • Acting Treasurer Tom Busse offers commentary to the Multnomah Board of Supervisors on wasteful overpaying for Narcan at one minute fifteen seconds into meeting

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