Multnomah Libertarians on Ballot Measures


We polled our membership at our last in-person meeting, and while we did not cover every ballot measure, we covered what the body deemed as high priority  to evaluate:

State Measure 111: Creates a Constitutional Requirement to Fund Healthcare “Balanced against requirement to fund schools”
  • No Position

Sate Measure 112: Eliminate Forced Labor as Criminal Punishment
  •  No Position
Initiative Measure 113: Punish Legislators for Session Boycott by making them  ineligible
  • Oppose
Multnomah County 26-231: Noncitizen Voting Rights
  • No Position
City of Portland 26-228: Changes Commission form of Government to City Manager
  • Oppose

 Measure 26-224 ($450,000,000 PCC bond)
  • Oppose and read our ballot measure argument against it here.

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