Pearl District Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes

The full list of sponsors for HB2928 online:

This measure pretty much takes away most forms of crowd control which is why Portland police stood down when the proud boys were fighting antifa last month in the parkrose area. And also why they didn't do anything when there were riots in the Pearl on Saturday night.
They're trying to approve a measure to have LE wear body cams. There were a couple of LEOs that were invited during the chat. I forgot what they said was holding up that measure. (For me it's a win-win. Not only would it protect citizens from crooked cops. But could protect cops from assholes accusing them of misconduct. As some statists like to say "why do you mind being monitored I'd you're not doing anything wrong?"

Also, There is a rumor that they are going to turn the post office into a safe rest village

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