Draft Measure Argument Opposing Measure 26-224



Draft Measure Argument opposing Measure 26-224:    2

Measure information                

  • Fri, Aug 19, 2022 - Deadline to file measure notice

  • Thur Sept 8, 2022 - Deadline to file noticed measure

  • Mon. Sept 12, 2022 - County Voters' Pamphlet measure argument filing deadline

Above info is from this website: https://www.multco.us/elections/elections-calendar

Draft Measure Argument opposing Measure 26-224:

PCC provides valuable services but let's take a closer look at this proposal:

It's a bad bond.

Make no mistake, a bond is a tax with the bulk of funds going to big Wall Street banks. This vague proposal mostly funds small non-capital items and routine maintenance better addressed though the annual budgeting process. It makes no sense to tax ourselves on the credit card for 16 years to purchase office computers (what they call “classroom technology”) that will last only three. 

PCC has seen a 23% decline in enrollment and has no medium-term needd for expanded facilities. Too often, education bonds turn into slush funds for well-connected crony contractors who turn our campuses into Winchester Mystery Houses.

At a time of rising inflation, this bond won't go very far, yet it will raise the cost of living for everybody in the Portland area.

Entrusting the voters with managing the public debt is one of the most sacred duties invested in the people by the Constitution of Oregon. We should conserve this half-Billion debt capacity to address the critical infrastructure needs affecting our region: rebuilding our decaying bridges, developing our water resources in the face of climate change, and even bringing us into the 20th century with a high speed rail corridor.

Vote NO.

Multnomah Libertarians (PAC 22306)



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